The annual Gurkha parade in Brecon formed up on the Bulwark on Sunday, 11 June in front of a large crowd for the Gurkha Wing (Mandalay) to exercise its right under an Honorary Citizenship.

At 2.30pm the civic party left the Guildhall, and the troops were inspected by the Deputy Lord Lieutenant Mr D Meyer, the Mayor, Councillor Michaela Davies, Colonel D Robinson, Brigade of Gurkhas, Brigadier N Thomas and Lieutenant Colonel R Anderson.

The Parade Commander this year was Captain Belbahadur Gurung. 

In attendance on the dias was the High Sheriff R Cawthorne Esq, and Major Babindra Gurung. Following the inpection and the parade, cultural displays were carried out through dance and fight demonstrations.

Historical account suggest that the Gurkhas first came to serve in Brecon in 1974.

Although it was not until 12 December in 1980 that a company of 85 members formed up to be known as the Gurkha Demonstration Company (GDC) under the old NCO’s Tactical Wing. 

Ever since the arrival of the Gurkhas in Brecon, they have played an important role in the local community and have become an integral part of the society.  

In recognition of their service to the community, the Town Council of Brecon awarded the GDC Honorary Citizenship of Brecon, the first time ever the Gurkha soldiers have been honoured, on 21 November 1985. 

To mark the occasion, the first parade known as the Brecon Freedom Parade was held on 3 May 1986 and the tradition has continued ever since.  

The Company was re-titled as Gurkha Company (Mandalay) in September 2004. 

Due to the new structure of Army 2020, On 09 January 2014, the Company was reduced in size from 124 to 40 strong Gurkhas with an additional 20 across the Training Support Division and was renamed as Gurkha Wing (Mandalay).

However due to the added responsibilities the current strength has once again increased.