Amy Doran said she and her family were 'devastated' that Winston the donkey was stolen from his field, leaving Rudi, a second donkey behind. Winston's disappearance resulted in Rudi getting sick. According to The Donkey Sanctuary, donkeys are 'social animals' and 'require the company of other donkeys to ensure their welfare needs are met.'

Amy has stressed that donkeys are sociable animals, and that separation can be deadly. She said: "Donkeys can die if separated, that's how strong the bond is. The worst-case scenario is trying to find another old grieving donkey from someone else who needs a home to replace Winston. If Winston isn't returned, Rudi could end up getting very sick."

Rudi was said to be in critical condition after being left alone. Amy said: "Sadly our gorgeous Winston didn't come home for Christmas. Through the grief, we have had to think about Winston's partner, Rudi, who is suffering heartbreak. A few days ago Rudi was in a critical condition where we believed he would lose his life from the loss of Winston."

The family have introduced Bracken to the fold, hoping that Rudi will have companionship. "We introduced Bracken, who is 8 years old, who we very quickly offered a lifetime home in the hope they will find comfort in one another."

Amy remains hopeful that Winston, separated from his mate, Rudi, near Taliaris, will return safe and well. "Our search for our beloved Winston continues and we will not stop until we have an answer as to his whereabouts. Bracken and Rudi have settled well, but if you know or have any information on the whereabouts of Winston, please let us know. Bracken is giving comfort to Rudi but of course, cannot replace Winston."

Amy's daughter had a Christmas wish that Winston would come home. "We are gutted that our daughter Bella didn't get her Christmas wish, but we hold out hope that Winston will come home."