Pupils at Ysgol Mynydd Du in Talgarth were transported back to the Middle Ages when they enjoyed a day of medieval-themed activities last week.

As part of their school topic, the children packed into the school hall to enjoy a medieval feast and a musical demonstration.

The hall had been decked out impressively by teaching staff with an array of medieval decorations and paraphernalia. This included medieval feast tables adorned with candlesticks and greenery, as well as a set of stocks.

Medieval feasting tables
FIT FOR A KING: One of the feasting tables. (.)

The children, who earlier in the day had been taking part in other activities, were dressed in medieval attire - with a mix of kings, queens, knights and even a Welsh dragon.

Lucy, from local group Hay Magicals, joined in with the learning and fun, bringing along her hurdy-gurdy (medieval instrument) for a special demonstration. She played and sung music, including an Old English song from the 1260s and another from the late 14th century in Latin. The children listened intently and joined in enthusiastically when prompted.

For the feast proper, the children had cooked pottage (traditional thick soup or stew) and nettle soup. Others made a selection of tarts and pies, which were enjoyed along with poached pears and soda bread.

Headteacher Ms Toone said: “Thank you to the staff for all of their hard work in putting this together - ensuring the children have another experience to remember as part of the new curriculum. What a wonderful experience for our pupils!"