For the first time since their coronation, King Charles III and Queen Camilla visited Brecon. They arrived by helicopter, and visited Brecon Cathedral, before moving on to Theatr Brycheiniog. After that, King Charles III visited the Brecon Barracks.

Crowds lined the streets to catch a glimpse of Their Majesties, with flags being waved. Here at The Brecon and Radnor Express, we covered the whole day, as well as asking people in Brecon what they thought of the royal visit.

King Charles III arrives at Brecon Cathedral
King Charles III arrives at Brecon Cathedral (Vicci Holloway)

One person said: "Absolutely fantastic that of all the places they chose to visit first in Wales since being crowned at the coronation, they chose Brecon."

Another person said they waited at the Cathedral to get a great view.

Emily Davies said: "I think it's fabulous for Brecon and for all the local businesses who are meeting him."

Others weren't so positive. Jayne Doyce said: "The money being wasted on them could be used on better things. Getting our NHS dentists back. Homelessness. The list is endless."

Sian Evans said: "If I'd have known as a member of Republic, I would have demonstrated. I believe the time has long gone when we should have a royal family, who are no more special than the rest of us. The King could have had a slimmed-down coronation but had to have the full monty, which cost at least £150 million when a million children in Britain are living in poverty. Tone deaf."

The cost of the coronation is yet to be revealed, but it is thought to be around £100 million.

Zoë Howells said: "Whilst it's clear many supported the visit today, there is not an insignificant minority who were not in support. It's important to recognise that, as traditionally Brecon tends to get painted as a royalist town with no acknowledgement of opposing views, and that is the case no longer."

Andrew Patterson-Jones wondered how much it cost.

Neil Young's anger at the visit was for another reason. He said, "I can't get to my allotment."

When someone asked if any 'not my King' protesters were in attendance, Marianne Lewis said: "Sorry to disappoint. They had a great reception." With another saying, "Huge crowds out waving flags. No protesters in sight."

The Brecon and Radnor Express reported live throughout the day, and didn't encounter protesters for the king.

Support continued throughout Brecon, with Becky Baksh saying, "Fantastic to see them. Would have been lovely for all schools to be involved. But great for the local community buzz. Long live the King and Queen."

Andrew Davis said: "Cathedral was a great event. Credit to the dean and staff."

Annette Musto said: "Just wonderful in every aspect."

Dave Phillips said: "Lovely to see Their Majesties coming to Brecon on their first visit to Wales since the coronation. A great honour for the town."

Sha Davies said: "Loved seeing how excited many were in seeing them, including my beautiful granddaughter."